designed by Giuseppe Viganò | W 529

A modular sofa that allows multiple furniture compositions.
Characterised by a double cylindrical backrest which adds a touch of elegance and makes the item unique and exclusive.
In the upholstery on the frame, a strip is added, in leather or fabric, to be matched in colour or, for a further level of customisation, in chromatic contrast with the rest of the sofa.
The upholstery of the seat in the semi-corner, both in leather and in fabric, is available with an exclusive checked and quilted decoration, made with more than 270,000 light embroidery stitches, in chromatic contrast with the colour of the rest of the upholstery.
The embroidery is carried out by artisans, and makes the product unique.
The structure is in wood with non-deformable elastic bands, covered in high density polyurethane foam.
Given the particular assembly of the product, the upholstery is not removable.
The seat cushion, a single block of polyurethane foam with various levels of density, has removable covers in both the leather and fabric versions.
The rigid base layer maintains stability and prevents squashing, while a second layer with medium-soft density guarantees the utmost comfort. 
On the top, a slab of memory foam allows the seat to return to its initial shape.
The whole assembly is cover in soft sterilised goose down, which provides a feeling of natural softness.
The backrest cushions are upholstered with removable leather or fabric covers, and are in sterilised goose down with a soft polyurethane foam insert. 
The feet are in wood, covered in leather or fabric, while, on the bottom, there is an aluminium profile, chrome plated in the following finishes: bright shaded brown, bright light gold, matt Champagne gold, bright chrome, bright black chrome, matt satined bronze, bright pink gold, matt pink gold, Black Rose gold.