designed by Giuseppe Viganò | W 502

A spacious sofa, featuring a wide and welcoming seat that gently cradles the cushion, inviting you to sink in and relax. Its elegance is manifested in a curved metal element, delicately positioned around the volumes of the armrest and the seat. The metallic detail adds a touch of brightness to the entire product, drawing the eye and illuminating the space around it like a precious gem.


Collection of sofas and modular elements in various sizes. The structure is in wood with durable flexible PVC slats supporting the seat made of multi-density polyurethane foam with Memory Foam.  The backrest cushions are in sterilized goose down.The feet are in wood covered in leather and/or fabric in the same colour, with a metal base painted bronze. On the sides of the seat, there is an elegant semi-circular metal plate offered in the finishes in the catalogue: Bright/satined Champagne, Bright/satined Burnished, Shaded copper, Bright/satined brown, Bright/satined Black Rose gold, Bright/satined light gold, Bright/satined chrome, Bright/satined black chrome, Matt satined bronze.The upholstery CANNOT be removed from the structure and the seat, but the seat and backrest cushion covers in leather or fabric are removable.