designed by Elle Studio | W 598

The Young sofa is a formal arrangement of volumes with one-piece seats and back panels marked out by stitching that accentuate its graphic modern character. Making this project even fresher and more contemporary, the volumes can be lightened by the insertion of small tables and shelves.


Collection made with a wooden surface, covered in high density polyurethane foam, that support the backrests and armrests. These parts have a metal structure covered in triple density poly-urethane foam and covered in polyester bonded with white fabric. Armrests and backrests are upholstered in leather and fabric finished with a ribbed quilted pattern, achieved with special stitches that convey the style.
These parts are fastened to the flat surface with screws.  Utility shelves in wood or marble from the catalogue complete these compositions. The seat cushions are in triple density polyurethane foam, with a cover in certified sterilised goose down. 
On the base, wooden feet in the same colour are set on a metal plate painted bronze to raise the sofa off the floor. All leather or fabric cushion covers are removable, but the upholstery on the wooden surface cannot be removed.