designed by Giuseppe Viganò | W 593

All products designed by Giuseppe Viganò are characterised by the same metal-finish tubes covered in “Renova”, a particular type of recycled leather that is eco-sustainable and antibacterial, which matches or contrasts with the colour of the main upholstery. The metal belt placed on the base is perfectly covered in this new material, which looks like natural full grain leather. Sturdy metal feet provide all the support.Both the proportions and the volumes of Edgar sofa are contemporary looking. Its square structure holds a system of regular comfortable cushions that are perfect for an upright sitting.


A collection characterized by a padded structure with external armrests in tubular metal with a wrap-around form, partially covered in a strip of “Renova”, a particular type of sustainable anti-bacterial recycled leather that will match or contrast with the colour of the main sofa upholstery.  A metal belt perfectly covered in this new material is placed in the base. The sofa is supported by robust metal feet that are also covered in “Renova”, which looks like natural full grain leather.  The rest of the structure is in wood, covered in high density polyurethane foam. The seat cushions are in triple density polyurethane foam, with a soft quilted cover in certified sterilised goose down. The backrest cushions are in certified sterilised goose down. The visible tubular metal parts have the following chrome finishes: Shaded copper, Bright shaded brown, Black Rose gold, bright light gold, Champagne gold, bright chrome, bright black chrome, matt satined bronze. The modular elements are assembled together with a quick connect foot in tubular metal, painted bronze and partially covered in “Renova”. Utility shelves in wood or marble from the catalogue complete these compositions. An elegant tray covered in leather or “Renova” can be requested. Given the special manufacturing process, the structure upholstery is NOT removable, but the seat cushion upholstery can be removed.