W 574 Giuseppe Iasparra

The collection has two types of armrest: high padded armrest with quilted stripe design, or low in metal in Longhi range finishes and utility shelf in backlit dimmable onyx or marble.Another feature is its modularity: versatile corner elements make it possible to offer a wide range of compositions. Open corners can be used in corner compositions or as individual chaise longue units.Different types of small tables for specific uses complete the collection: covered in leather or fabric, with tops in marble, wood or mirror in range colours, with the option of inserting a practical bar compartment or storage compartment with flap door on the rectangular unit.The sofa structure is in wood with high-resistance elastic bands, covered in high density polyurethane foam. Seat cushions are in sterilized goose down, with inserts in multi-density polyurethane foam, with rounded Memory Foam surface for better resistance to crushing over time. Backrest cushions are in MULTIFILL, a special mixture of soft sterilised goose down combined with Rollofill, a synthetic fibre, and polyurethane foam chips, which make the cushion soft and comfortable, preventing the crushed effect typical of down filled cushions. The metal perimeter border at the base of the sofa is available in the following finishes: Satin nickel, bright shaded brown, bright light gold, matt Champagne gold, bright chrome, bright black chrome, matt satin bronze, bright pink gold, matt pink gold, Black Rose gold.Given the special manufacturing process, the sofa structure upholstery is not removable, but the seat cushion upholstery in leather or fabric can be removed.