designed by Margherita Fanti | W 594

A sofa with a sinuous shape that recalls the female body. Made up of a number of elements, it guarantees maximum design freedom. The metal sheet set into the armrest lends elegance and refinement to the entire composition. Nip is a sofa with a one-piece seat, particularly ergonomic and comfortable thanks to its special padding. The front stripe can be featured by “Groove” quilting, an original animalier pattern.


Sofa made up of elements with simple lines, ideal for linear or semiangular compositions. The open armrests and backrests have a chromed metal plate set into them, which enhances the curves in the various elements. This plate comes in the finishes: Shaded copper, Bright shaded brown, Black Rose gold, bright light gold, Champagne gold, bright chrome, bright black chrome, matt satined bronze. Comfort is a major priority for this piece. Special polyurethane foams were mixed together to provide softness, resilience, and crush resistance. The seats are supported at the base by special elastic PVC slats, in turn supported by a solid wooden structure. The most significant characteristic is an exclusive quilted “Groove” decoration that, on request, can decorate the front part of the various elements. Made by hand, it gives the product a three-dimensional effect and accents its exclusive originality. A series of decorative cushions in various sizes and finishes complete the collection. Given the particular assembly of the product, the upholstery is NOT removable.