designed by Margherita Fanti | W 501

The Hug sofa brings together classic shapes and contemporary compositions, with alternating circular, semi-circular, and rectangular forms that create a dynamic effect. A low, nearly monolithic piece of furniture, the Hug sofa stands out for its ample armrests, which embrace the seat, and its stitching, which outlines the shapes of the various components, adding visual interest.


Sofas and modular elements in various sizes, all with a high level of comfort obtained from mixing special polyurethane foams with various densities and Memory Foam. Supported by wooden structures, and seats are supported by durable flexible PVC slats. The seat upholstery has a particular sartorial stitching, with a plain coloured or contrasting leather and/or fabric insert for a striking chromatic effect.  Given the particular manufacturing process, the leather or fabric upholstery is NOT removable. Metal feet in the following finishes are positioned at the front: Bright/satined Champagne, Bright/satined Burnished, Shaded copper, Bright/satined brown, Bright/satined Black Rose gold, Bright/satined light gold, Bright/satined chrome, Bright/satined black chrome, Matt satined bronze. The collection is completed with a small table covered in leather and/of fabric, with marble inserts in the tops, from the catalogue.