designed by Giuseppe Viganò | T 191

A visually sculptural table, extremely lightweight and airy, despite the big impact of the materials used, with marble as the absolute main player. The structure is bridge shaped, with the top flush with the sides. The vertically grooved legs are available in marble or wood and represent the characteristic peculiar to the entire project.


Table with bridge-style legs decorated with vertical grooves that add a sense of rhythm, offered in two variants: A - sculpted leg in marble: Silver beola stone, Arabescato Orobico marble, White Carrara marble, Agatha Black marble. Top thickness 20 mm. The top appears to float, and comes in the same marble finishes as the leg or in wood: Glossy/matt heat-treated Eucalyptus, Glossy/matt medium Canaletto walnut, Macadamia / grey stained ash wood. B - grooved leg in wood stained in walnut, macadamia, or grey ash wood. The internal part of the leg is covered by a metal sheet in the finishes: Shaded copper, Bright shaded brown, Black Rose gold, bright light gold, Champagne gold, bright chrome, bright black chrome, matt satined bronze. Top, apparently floating, is in wood stained in the same colour as the legs, or in marble thickness 20 mm: Silver beola stone, Cipollino marble, Arabescato Orobico marble, Silver Stream marble, White Carrara marble, Imperial Brown marble, Sahara Noir marble (glossy and matt polyester finish), Dover White marble, Guatemala Green marble, Red Levanto marble, Shale Rosewood marble, Emperador Dark marble, Silver Wave marble, Agatha Black marble, Frappuccino marble, Calacatta marble, Patagonia marble, Juliet Quartz marble.