designed by Ben Wu | Y 688

Exactly like the full-size table, the body of the round RE coffee table is made from hand-moulded fibre glass upholstered in a selection of leathers. Its lightweight appearance, the bright colours of its cladding, and its round shape make it perfectly suited to being positioned next to the sofa. It is available in two sizes, with different diameters and heights.


Small round table with internal structure in painted metal and shell in manually moulded glass fibre covered in leather from the range. Ground metal baseboard and edges in the following finishes:  bright shaded brown, bright light gold,  matt Champagne gold, bright chrome, bright black chrome, matt satin bronze, bright pink gold, matt pink gold, Black Rose gold. Top finishes:  - bronze or smoky mirror, - marble, Azul Macauba, Calcite Azul, Fusion Light, Patagonia, Explosion Blue, Fusion Multicolor, Juliet Quartz, Sahara Noir (polyester finish), Dover White, Panda White, Guatemala Green, Corteccia, Port Saint Laurent, Rosso Levanto, Bardiglio Nuvolato, Elegant Brown, Shale Rosewood, Emperador Dark, Silver Wave, Agate Black, Frappuccino, Calacatta. - wood worked in “wedges” and marquetry in wood: glossy Ebony, glossy Canaletto walnut.