designed by Ben Wu | Y 788

This collection explores the themes of symmetry, balance and beauty. A family of cabinets developed horizontally with a pure, essential line. Designed to convey simplicity, they contrast with the choice of sophisticated and very precious materials.


Collection of living room furniture available in two heights and two widths, and comprising a storagecontainer unit with drawers and doors. The versions available are listed below:
A - Completely in wood,
B - Completely covered in leather,
C - Structure in wood with doors or drawers covered in leather,
D - Structure covered in leather with doors or drawers in wood,
E - Structure in wood with doors in marble,
F - Structure covered in leather with doors in marble.
The base that wraps around the container is in laser cut ground metal in the finishes: Satin nickel, Bright shaded brown, Black Rose gold, bright light gold, matt Champagne gold, bright chrome, bright black chrome, matt satined bronze, bright pink gold, matt pink gold. The container unit and its side boards are covered in leather from the catalogue or in wood: glossy/matt Maple, glossy/matt heat-treated Eucalyptus, glossy/matt Ebony, glossy/matt Sycamore frisè, Glossy lacquered wood in range colours. The top is recessed into the container structure and it creates a hollow where the doors are secured. The top comes in the finishes: bronze or smoky mirror, White Carrara marble, Imperial Brown marble, Sahara Noir marble (glossy and matt polyester finish), Dover White marble, Panda White marble, Guatemala Green marble, Corteccia marble, Port Saint Laurent marble, Red Levanto marble, Bardiglio Nuvolato marble, ElegantBrown marble, Shale Rosewood marble, Emperador Dark marble, Silver Wave marble, Agatha Black marble,Frappuccino marble, Calacatta marble, Fusion Light marble, Patagonia marble, Explosion Blue marble,Fusion Multicolor marble, Juliet Quartz marble; or in the wood finishes. Only the doors can be in shaped marble, and the selection is limited due to structural problems of the material. Matt lacquered interiors and glass shelves. Optional: internal flatware drawer. The piece is finished on all sides, but the version with the back unfinished is an option.