Mi bed

W 848 Ben Wu

The structure is in wood covered in medium-high density polyurethane foam. The side of the headboard facing the wall is upholstered in cloth with the Longhi logo in the same colour as the bed upholstery, as a standard feature. The headboard is completed with an elegant metal ring available in the following finishes: Black Rose gold, bright shaded brown, bright light gold, matt Champagne gold, bright chrome, bright black chrome, matt satin bronze, bright pink gold, matt pink gold.
The base can accommodate:
- the fixed mattress base structure with height-adjustable wood slats.- sommier spring base for bed bases fitting flush with base,
- a convenient storage container that opens with two movements to maintain the mattress in a flat position. The bottom of the container is in laminated wood with a silky surface finish. 
- a pair of wireless remote controlled electrified mattress bases, with motors integrated directly into the structure, which balance the amortised wood slat structure. Dedicated mattresses must be used with this type of bed base.  
Given the special manufacturing process, the bed’s fabric or leather upholstery is NOT removable.