W 840 Giuseppe Viganò

Structure in wood covered in multi-thickness polyurethane foam. The headboard and base are fitted with leather or fabric upholstery, finished with visible buttons positioned manually and individually, in the finishes: bright chrome, matt black, bright light gold or matt antiqued gold, or covered in leather and, when possible, in velvet.The bed base can also be supplied smooth and without buttons.The bed base, divided from the headboard, is assembled with metal corner angles that also allow easy mounting and adjustment of bedspring height, to lower it 10 cm under the bed edge 2 cm at a time.
This allows any type of bedspring to be used, and also permits the height of the mattress level to be changed.The bed base can hold:
- a fixed bedspring with wood staves,
- the sommier spring base for bed bases fitting flush with base,- Only for the queen/king-sized model, a practical storage container with two mechanisms to bring the mattress base to a level position.
The bottom of the container is in laminated wood with a silky surface finish.
When the bed is positioned against the wall, it is possible to cover the back of the leather headboard in a coordinated shade of velvet.
Given the particular assembly of the product, the upholstery is not removable.