designed by Margherita Fanti | X 655

An enveloping armchair that offers a sense of intimacy and protection, and expresses great formal elegance through its perfectly calibrated proportions. With its important dimensions, it is suitable for a living room or a public area. Available in multiples, it becomes the ideal product for furnishing a lounge- bar with elegance and spirit. Its “spatial” lines and metal base recall the Nobu sofa.


Wood frame with elastic bands, covered in high-density, multi-thickness polyurethane foam.
Seat cushions in sterilised goose down with insert in multi-thickness polyurethane foam with reinforcement in “Visco Soft”. Wood base covered in the same material as the upholstery.
Iron finishing ring on the base available in the finishes: Satin nickel, bright shaded brown, Black Rose gold, bright light gold, matt Champagne gold, bright chrome, bright black chrome, matt satin bronze, bright pink gold, matt pink gold.
Given the particular process, the leather or fabric cover of the frame is not removable, but the fabric seat cushion cover can be removed.