Picturesque Art Deco

Private apartment

Interior of a villa, which is located in Principality of Monaco near famous Monte Carlo, was designed by NG-STUDIO Interior Design, as private residence for a client and his family for their comfortable stay in the city. The location and status of the mansion - set the tone for the interior that was designed as the continuation of this idea - the idea of a luxurious and comfortable living on the shores of the picturesque Cote d'Azur. The main concept of this interior was a creation of a saturated, rich and highly decorative interior - designed with a great attention to details - as a jewelry box.A large number of extraordinary author's solutions, a use of unusual materials and their non-standard combination - makes the interior interesting, multi-layered and repeatedly reveal itself to a visitor.The classical and traditional, contemporary and expressive - are merged altogether. The refine lines of classical cornices are combined with artistic mosaics, suede, glass and bronze. Warm tones give to an interior the delicacy. Quality textures of natural materials and finishing are create a sense of comfortable and discreet luxury.A detailed approach to a design and implementation of each element, a transition of textures and shades between rooms, nuances that are visible in a detailed view of the interior, making it unique and truly a pearl on the Cote d'Azur.

  • Design
    NG-studio Interior Design
  • Location
    Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco
  • Photographer
    Rosa Amato