Oman Air Vip Lounge

Muscat International Airport

Longhi has outfitted the Business Lounge at the new International Airport of Muscat that opened a few months ago: a prestigious and very significant project - completed by the EXCLUSIVA DESIGN firm in Rome. The Italian touch comes from a mixture of talent, quality and competence. The project covers a surface area of 2920 square metres and represents the magnificence of this country: lines and curved, contoured shapes were used to reproduce the form of this land.
The combination of simple geometric shapes allowed us to create the forms of the desert, mountains, oases and rivers that are characteristics of the nation of Oman.
This aesthetic language is expressed through the careful selection of materials such as fine marbles and woods, and the combinations of refined fabrics and materials ranging from beige to shades of brown, white and gilded metals. The large rooms have high ceilings and metal partition walls with geometric “Mashrabiya” decorations, which are characteristics of the local culture and architecture.
These carved elements have a dual function of decorating and providing privacy. The area was furnished with comfortable upholstered pieces and a series of small tables in different heights: the comfortable Vivienne armchair and the Sun and Manfred tables add a touch of colour and dynamic style to the composition.
Special custom-made pieces were used to outfit the restaurant area, such as the Yaki table, produced in a “high” version especially for this project. Several Kelly stools can be found near the large Rim tables in the Bar area.The closing systems in the adjacent areas, restrooms, smoking room, TV rooms and relaxation room were achieved with custom-built Land doors.
The atmosphere is generally relaxed and welcoming, but the project is still quite luxurious, which was a fundamental requisite. Contributing to the completion of this lounge was a privilege, and the project was selected as a winner at the INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARDS: “TheDesignAir Awards 2018 Winners”.

  • Design
    Fabio Mazzeo per Exclusiva Design
  • Location
    Muscat, Oman
  • Total indoor area