Be Mine / sliding doors

Serie 338 AL1

BeMine is the demonstration of the company’s production know-how in creating an object that can be arranged in infinite aesthetic combinations. It creates total integration of doors with walls: an increasingly exclusive relationship between furnishings and interior architecture. The door is a design object, and was created to provide the first impression of a room: originality, uniqueness and customisation. Aluminium, wood and leather, through a harmonious interaction with other innovative materials, allow BeMine to become a fully customised option that is one of a kind. Doors that interpret an entry way as an experience to remember, a thin aluminium profile defines the edge of of a pure surface that comes alive through vibrant reflections and the strength of colour. Characterised by Longhi’s exclusive finishes and a new material, Grès Marble, a precious ceramic finishe with resin and enamel to achieve a marbled effect. Pure surfaces that introduce an additional characteristic aesthetic element with a jamb that has an insert.