designed by M. Brunu | X 125

The configuration of the armchair has the same ergonomic characteristics as an egg shell - it moves and swivels. In fact, the movement of the upper part allows the user to find infinite sitting positions. Rodica has a fibreglass structure and a soft internal padding with a generous, enveloping shape, particular details for an armchair that reveal the personality of an outdoor centrepiece. It continues to be very successful even though it was designed in the early 1960s.


Structure in berglass, manually layered in two matching moulds, male and female. After being removed from the moulds, the two structures are processed and sealed together with metallic high resistance plaster. The external structure is finished in black or white Gelcoat, and for metallic colours it is manually painted and oven cured. Padding in cold-moulded high-density polyurethane foam and covered with Dacron. The armchair sets on a fixed base, the upper part of the chair swivels. This simple movement allows users to choose from a wide range of sitting positions, for maximum comfort. The leather and fabric upholstery is completely removable. External frame colours: Glossy white, Glossy black. Metallic finishes: bronze, grey, blue. Do not expose the product to weather conditions or atmospheric agents, nor to heat sources over 40°C. Also products for outdoor use could be affected by atmospheric agents.