Schubert table

T 155 Giuseppe Viganò

Table with frame made from 16 mm metal rods fixed in the wood base with a metal plate between the base and the top. The wood base is available in the following types of wood: glossy/matt ebony, glossy/matt Canaletto walnut, glossy lacquered ivory. Profile of the base, undertop ring and rods are in ground metal in the following finishes: bright light gold, matt Champagne gold, bright chrome, bright black chrome, matt satined bronze. Chromatically, the rods can have two different two-tone finishes: two-tone bright chrome with bright black chrome, two-tone bright light gold with bright black chrome, two-tone bright light gold with matt satined bronze, two-toned matt satined bronze with matt Champagne gold. Top and surface finishes: glossy/matt ebony, glossy/matt Canaletto walnut, glossy lacquered ivory, bronze or smoky mirror with 20 mm bevel, black painted glass with 20 mm bevel, Port Saint Laurent marble, Rosso Levanto marble, Bardiglio Nuvolato marble, Elegant Brown marble, Shale Rosewood marble, Emperador Dark marble, Silver Wave marble, Port Black marble, Frappuccino marble, Calacatta Gold marble.