W 578 Giuseppe Viganò

This collection of sofas and modular pieces that make it possible to form captivating compositions facilitates the development of contemporary design. Some concave elements are shaped to combine bar tables, poufs or other accessories.The wood structure sets on a surface made of poplar and fir plywood, and the entire piece is covered in high density polyurethane foam. Seat cushions feature multi-density polyurethane foam interiors with a rounded outer Memory Foam layer, all encased in soft sterilized goose down. The backrest cushions are in sterilised goose down. The elegant metal detail inserted in the armrest and the metal frame around the sofa base are offered in the following finishes: Black Rose gold, bright shaded brown, bright light gold, matt Champagne gold, bright chrome, bright black chrome, matt satin bronze, bright pink gold, matt pink gold. The upholstery CANNOT be removed from the structure, but the cushion covers in leather or fabric are removable. 

Atar Island

Tavolino rotondo a uso bar con struttura rivestita in pelle a campionario. Ante con apertura push-pull. All’interno è presente un vassoio porta bottiglie rotante rivestito in pelle a campionario.Bordi in metallo rettificato nelle finiture: Brown sfumato lucido, oro Black Rose, oro rosa lucido, oro rosa opaco, oro chiaro lucido, oro Champagne opaco, cromato lucido, cromo nero lucido, bronzo satinato opaco. Finiture piano: specchio bronzo o fumè, marmo Portoro, marmo Azul Macauba, marmo Sahara Noir (finitura poliestere), marmo Dover White, marmo Panda White, marmo Verde Guatemala, marmo Corteccia, marmo Port Saint Laurent, marmo Rosso Levanto, marmo Bardiglio Nuvolato, marmo Elegant Brown, marmo Palissandro Oniciato, marmo Emperador Dark, marmo Silver Wave, marmo Agatha Black, marmo Frappuccino, marmo Calacatta Gold, marmo Fusion Light, marmo Patagonia, marmo Explosion Blu,  marmo Fusion Multicolor, marmo Quarzo Juliet, marmo Calcite Azul. Oppure in legno in essenza: Ebano lucido/opaco, Sycamore frisè lucido/opaco, Noce Canaletto lucido/opaco, Radica di Noce lucida.