W 572 Giuseppe Viganò

Collection tted with leather or fabric upholstery, nished with visible buttons positioned manually and individually, in the nishes: bright chrome, matt black, bright light gold or matt antiqued gold, or covered in leather and, when possible, in velvet. Versatile modularity allows for a range of different compositions: open corners can be used in a corner composition or as a free-standing chaise longue, with the possibility of having a box-shaped utility shelf in onyx sheet on the seat side, with a dimmable internal light. The sofa structure is in wood with high-resistance elastic bands, covered in high density polyurethane foam. Seat cushions are in sterilized goose down, with inserts in multi-density polyurethane foam, with rounded Memory Foam surface for better resistance to crushing over time. Feet are in shaped aluminium, painted bronze. Given the special manufacturing process, the structure upholstery is not removable, but the seat cushion up- holstery in leather or fabric can be removed.