Leather carpets

V 400 Studio C

Made in three types of leathers from the catalogue. Present in two different versions: Glossy Trilogy or Smooth Trilogy, the variant that distinguishes the models is the glossy or matt finish of the external strip of leather.

Made of chekiang lamb skins, with an antiskid base, in three types: with no borders, with 15 cm perimeter border in the leather sample colour or without borders with inserts in “Pony” finish cow leather sample colour.

Cow carpet
Made of cow leathers with «Pony» finish, assembled together with an inside padding and an antiskid base. Leathers as in the sample colours.

A vast selection of carpets in plain colours, with different features and different colours, for contemporary or classic, produced with criteria to obtain absolute safety and quality. Also, there is a wide selection of Suede and Nabuck leathers for the perimeter border.