Land boiserie & modular system

Serie 341 Alessandro La Spada

The Land Boiserie is a modular system that combines doors, sliding panels, boiserie panels and other types of storage cabinets. It is extremely adaptable to any type of environment and for the materials used. The series includes many combinations and the modularity of the almost personalised dimensions. The system is divided into modules and has different widths and opening styles.The MirrorTV module: a special integration of a LED TV behind a mirror. The result of constant research, it is original and with a strong technological impact.Totally invisible, this is the perfect combination of your living room style and a common television set. The mirror is available in the following colours: natural bronze, light bronze, London grey, non-reflecting black, natural mirror.All modules with storage compartments have a push-pull opening system and a small insert in chiselled brass to mark the direction of opening. The inside of the display case is lighted with LEDs.

Profiles in aluminium: Matt platinum, Matt satined bronze, Bright, Bright gold, Champagne bright gold, Bright electrocolour dark brown, Matt electrocolour black, Glossy white.
All in cork in range colours, 
All in wood: glossy/matt ebony, glossy/matt Canaletto walnut or glossy/matt Sycamore frisè, 
All in Cat. P.3 Suede/Tecnosuede leather,
natural, bronze or smoky mirror,
plain coloured tempered glass in the colours white, canapé, rope, turtle dove, coffee, moka, cement grey, slate grey and black,
mixed finishes: upper half in wood, glass or mirror and lower half in leather cat. P.3 Suede/Tecnosuede.
mixed finish: etched smoky or bronze mirror alternated with smoky or bronze mirror;
mixed finish: matt satined gold steel alternated with bright gold steel, matt satined black chrome steel alternated with bright black chrome, matt satined chrome steel alternated with bright chrome.