Kubrick Bed

W 835 Giuseppe Viganò

Wood frame covered in double density polyurethane foam, rigid on the structure, medium density on the headboard. The bed base is divided from the headboard and assembled easily with metal corner angles that also allow adjustment of the height of the bedspring of 10 cm, 2 cm at a time. This allows any type of bedspring or mattress to be used, and also permits the height of the mattress level to be changed. The base is in powder coated metal in the colours bronze or black. A xed bedspring can be inserted into the base, in a double or king size, and there is also a spacious storage compartment with two mechanisms to bring the mattress into position. The bottom of the container is in laminated wood with a silky surface finish. The back of the leather headboard can be covered with a coordinated velvet. Given the special manufacturing process, the up-holstery of this model is not removable.