Functionality, research and design mix to give the contract division product line all of the warmth and charm of the Loveluxe collection. Casual, seductive and refined elegance has won over prestigious international locations.


Design by Longhi

For Italian furniture manufacturers, the combination of contract and design is increasingly important, especially in the hospitality industry. Flexibility, customisation, practicality, resistance, character: these are the features that Longhi furnishings provide to hospitality businesses.
Made in Italy
An outstanding tradition of handcraftsmanship, the use of precious materials, and on-going research to ensure continuous evolution: these values always stand out in a creation by LONGHI. Attention to detail works in concert with the use of exclusive materials: woodworking is entrusted to the skill and expertise of highly trained craftsmen. All marbles and stone have Certificates of Authenticity and Guarantees, as do our leathers – which are specifically selected and processed with natural environmentally friendly procedures. All these materials harmonise simply to convey passion and elegance. Each piece is hand made, and often also made-to-measure. Moreover, each item undergoes inspections to ensure the highest quality standard and give it unique and exclusive value, enhancing its exceptional features: completely Made in Italy.